Take your music
or audio project
to the next level...

From demo to final mix, we work with you to transform your ideas into major release quality productions.

Recording & Music
Production Services

Professional music production and recording services that meet the highest industry standards for sound quality and musicianship.

Commercial Audio
Production Services

We provide commercial audio production for film, TV, ad agencies and other clients who need professional voiceovers, custom music and/or mix engineering services.


Professional Music Production
Recording & Editing Services

NexGen.Studio (a subsidiary of NexGen Music Group) is a boutique music and audio production project studio facility conveniently located on the MD, VA, WV borders and only 1.5 hours outside of Washington, D.C. Our recording studio features high-quality, state-of-the-art sound recording hardware equipment and software tools.

We offer a wide range of services not limited to sound recording, music production, song production, vocal tracking, mixing, mastering, remixing, tv and film scoring, audio and post-production for TV and film, radio jingles, radio imaging, music arrangement, music orchestration, music transcription, and audio restoration.

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Music Production

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We help your artistic vision become a reality with an expertly produced album or song. And.. as an indie record label-group, we have a wide range of music production experience across many music genres!

Recording / Tracking

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Capture your vocal or instrumental performances to produce high-quality recordings in our state-of-the-art project studio, using Class-A mics, pre-amps and the highest-quality software applications and tools.

Mix Engineering

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Let our professional mixing engineers help you spice up your production and elevate your music to its full potential. The difference between a good and bad mix could mean success vs failure...


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We provide expert audio mastering services. Mastering can make the difference between your music sounding professional and polished vs. sounding lackluster, flat and not ready for release.

Sound Design

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We specialize in music and effects sound design for TV, film and other creative projects — from Hollywood films to Youtube advertising spots. Let us help you create quality sound for your special project.

Audio Post Production

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Having crystal clear audio to compliment your video is important. Utilizing expert post production techniques, we will ensure that your dialog, sound effects, and music will all sit clearly in the mix.

Commercial Voice Over

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We specialize in recording spots, ads for television, web-based productions, and voice overs for ad campaigns. Choose from a wide-range of native or non-native commercial voice over artists.

Podcast Recording

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Whether you are a seasoned podcast producer, interviewer, or just starting out, we can help you with podcast planning and development, post production and editing, and a relaxed space to record your podcast.


Tools We Work With

Plus many other top Class-A tools and brands that we work with!



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